When a roof starts leaking or loses scores of shingles because of recent harsh weather, homeowners might wonder about the appropriate remedy. Namely, they might wonder if it is best to repair the problems or outright replace the entire roof. The decision will likely depend on several factors.

Examine the Damage

The extent of the damage will factor into whether repairs serve as the proper solution. Sometimes, the damage may be minimal and located in one area, resulting from an unusual day of heavy winds tearing off shingles in one spot. A simple repair might address such an issue. However, if there is extensive damage all over the roof, the poor condition might necessitate installing a new one. A roof battered by extended periods of harsh weather may experience such damage.

Consider the Roof’s Age

The roof’s age plays a role in the decision. As the years pass, a roof will degrade. Some roofs will last longer than others, depending on the materials used to make the roof and the quality of the construction. Replacing the roof is often a better idea when it is nearing its expiration point. Likely, problems related to the roof’s age will only worsen as time passes. Replacing the roof earlier rather than later might be the right action.

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Cost and Other Issues

For some, cost drives their decisions about repairing or replacing a roof. Someone might not have the funds to replace the roof, so they may choose to repair it. Sometimes, the repair could be a temporary solution until they decide to replace the roof.

Be aware that a roof’s condition is what it is regardless of the homeowner’s finances. Those concerned about the cost of replacement may explore options for affordable financing.

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