Any damage to commercial property can make it impossible for a business to remain open. Roofing issues are one of the most concerning, as a leaky roof can cause damage to the structure of the building and put its contents at risk. Damage can happen over time, through age and exposure, or could happen instantly during a storm. Having a roof repaired immediately is not always possible. To protect the building in these instances, a roofer can provide the reliable temporary option of commercial roof tarping.

Prevent Additional Damage

Commercial roof tarping prevents additional damage in areas of a roof that need replacement. A roofer will cover the area with a heavy-duty tarp. It is an inexpensive option that protects the building and everything inside. When the property owner has a pending insurance claim for the damage, covering the roof will meet the insurance company’s requirement of preventing additional damage.

Consider Professional Assistance

Tarping a roof can sound like a simple DIY project, but it is not. It is a process that relies on professional installation. If not done correctly, the damage may worsen. At Division 1 Roofing, we install high-quality tarps after a complete roof inspection identifies all damaged areas. We remove all loose shingles and other materials to eliminate the risk of injury to employees or customers. Installing and securing the tarp correctly prevents leaks and keeps the damage from worsening until a complete repair occurs.

Get Help Today

Commercial roof tarping is a reliable and safe method of temporarily protecting your business. At Division 1 Roofing, we provide our Powell, OH clients with roof tarping, inspections, emergency repairs, and more. Anyone in Powell and the surrounding area can rely on us for all their commercial and residential roofing needs.

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