When looking at major home repairs, you’ll want to exploit every cost-saving measure possible. You may wonder if any of these expenses are tax-deductible. Here we’ll present some ways that home renovation might be a qualified deduction, including roof repair.

Home Improvement Projects Are Not Tax Deductible

Roof repairs are considered home improvement projects. Since a roof is such a vital component of your home, it almost seems like this type of project should have a higher classification, but that’s not the case. Since you can’t deduct most home improvement costs, you can’t deduct a roof repair.

An exception to the rule is if your home improvement project involves an energy-efficient system. For example, if you installed solar panels on your roof, you may be able to deduct this cost when you file your taxes.

Capital Improvement

If you sell your home, you can capitalize on the cost of roof repair. You have to pay taxes on any profit made. Your profit will be calculated by subtracting the home’s original cost and any qualified home improvement costs from the new purchase price of your place. A roof repair is considered a qualified home improvement, so it can reduce your tax basis. You should keep track of your receipts and make sure you include the repair costs when you file your taxes for the year you sold the home.

Rental Property

One other scenario in which you can deduct roof repair costs involves a rental property. If you repair a roof on a property that you rent out, you can list the repair cost as an expense, which can be deducted from your tax return.

A Trustworthy Roofing Company

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